Develop a Smart Child Growth Monitoring app (SGCM).

Provide parents with an easy to use app for managing their child’s growth data.

Make parents the main owner of their child’s data and enable health organisations to provide better health services with anonymised data.

Improve child growth monitoring and help pediatricians better advise parents on their child’s nutrition.

Help understand the current situation, forecast a child’s growth, and provide advice based on similar local cases by analyzing collected data.

Provide tools so parents can efficiently store and retrieve their child’s data on growth, nutrition and vaccination records.


Locations, Specialities, Countries

The data gathered will help focus on the medical issues and solutions based on that specific region.

Vaccines, Vaccination (as event)

Will help maintain a timeline of vaccines received over the span of a child’s growth.

Doctors, Medical Personnel

Help maintain data through specific treatments, while also providing reports on similar cases.

Parents, Next of Kin

Data and reports provide parents with access to child’s growth data, vaccination dates, history of physical, mental and emotional development.

Patients, Children

Have full access to medical history, growth development, and previous treatments.


Easy-to-use Application

The application uses the most advanced methods of: artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology.

Specific Regional Growth Chart

For the first time a local, regional, city and country based growth chart will be produced.

Analytics Reports

The application provides a dedicated growth curve adapted to a child with specific conditions.

Keep Track

Sharing this data with paediatricians will help them track a child's nutrition via a digital smart package.

Overall Body Analysation

The platform also captures the length and height of the child for the first time in most developing countries. E.g Adamawa (Yola) Nigeria.


It will also change the current situation in most countries, where the data is recorded on paper, to a digital decentralised data warehouse and platform.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is used to ensure higher security of the data, Immuability, Decentralised systems, and many more.

Link Information

The parents information is also linked and analysed. Providing the best analysation of the child's health history.

Statistical Analysis

Advanced statistical analysis will be used to collect more information on specific health issues and treatments.

Sustainable Child Care

A big data intelligence package for sustainable child health care.

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