Exploring the odyssey & recovery of sea turtles in their new care center

On April 1 – no, that’s no April Fool’s joke, the Oceanographic Institute kindly invited Monaco Impact members for a private tour of its brand-new Monegasque Rescue Center for Marine Species. As this Turtle Care Center will only be inaugurated by the end of the month, this visit was a unique preview.

The beauty of this new space reflects that turtles are an amazing species that lived along dinosaurs and witnessed the birth of the Homo Sapiens.

Today, they need our help and protection as the human impact on Oceans is a real threat.

Boat collisions, fishing nets, overfishing and plastic debris are only a few items in the long list of things that are harming them and that are at the root of their population’s steep decline.

That is why the Oceanographic Institute is now opening this Care Center that will treat not only turtles but also other marine species like seahorses.

The Center counts on people at sea to report to them animals in need. They will then treat them and put them in a rehabilitation before releasing them in the Oceans once they are well enough.

Our members were able to visit the facilities, ask questions to the Museum team and got amazed by the size and beauty of the two turtles currently present in the Center’s pool.

This invitation was part of the Monaco Impact / Oceanographic Institute partnership that is fueled by the same willingness to protect the Oceans.

Our partnership is embodied by projects like the Ocean Protection Challenge led in partnership with the International University of Monaco.