In the first part of this interview, Irina Peterson, one of our newest members, shares about her experience as a “late bloomer entrepreneur” as she recently created Broth by Design after working in finance for many years.

The second part of her interview in which she talks about her upcoming incredible sailing expedition for Ocean Protection will be posted next week.


1) Can you present your company: Broth by Design?

“Broth by Design” ( is a new brand of Broth protein products
with delicious and unique flavors, conveniently packaged in powder form and
enjoyed as instant soups (broths) by the health conscious consumers.

Our “Broth Lifestyle” offers a range of health supporting protein products, blending very high quality natural protein (grass-fed pasture raised US bovine bone broth, organic US pea protein) with different functional add-ons (organic coconut MCT oil, adaptogens, minerals and vitamins, CBD oil) with delicious and unique flavors in convenient packaging (medium jars and individual sachets) for health oriented market.

The manufacturing facility is in Long Island, NY state and for now, we are selling on-line (own website), Amazon US and weight-loss clinics. Soon announcing exciting partnerships with top international gym networks, five star spa&hotel chain, on-line supermarket. Soon also available in Monaco!

2) When did you become an entrepreneur? Is Broth by Design your first company?

You may call me a “late bloomer” entrepreneur, “Broth by Design” is my first formal business. I had companies before but limited to financial and real estate investments. I feel I prepared for creating this business all my life!

I’ve worked in finance, more precisely wealth management for the most part of my 21 years living in Monaco. I had the privilege to look after the financial and lifestyle assets of some of the richest people in the world!

Even more privileged, to learn a lot from some of them on what takes to build a business, how decisions are made, what it takes to succeed!

3) How did you start Broth by Design?

18 months ago, my friend and now business partner invited me for Thanksgiving in New York, as I had a little break in between jobs. She is a certified cardiologist and expert nutritionist, owner of 5 weight-loss clinics in New York.

She spoke to me of a great opportunity in the protein market, “bone broth” and how couple of players were dominating the powder form market.

We started looking together at the opportunity, we did a thorough research of the market and thought what a good niche would be to take advantage of this strong trend.

I left NY 3 weeks later with the draft of our partnership and business ready, looking already at formulas, ingredients and manufacturing capabilities.

4) What makes your products different?

First and foremost, our company is creating products to fit an active and busy lifestyle, with “anytime anywhere” in mind as all you need is a cup of hot water. All our products have a very healthy (best quality) protein base to which we add delicious natural (no artificial ingredients) flavors.

Our slogan “taste matters” was born out of our commitment to not settle for less than delicious. Far too often the supplements available in the market offer a less than pleasant experience, with odors and taste almost a “punishment” for the ones interested in their wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be that way, and B.B.D. is dedicated to “Delicious Wellbeing”!

Being co-formulated and endorsed by my business partner, a well-respected expert nutritionist in US, our products have an added edge on anything available on the market.

5) What in your opinion is the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur? What about the most rewarding?

My main challenge is “how do I know that I am addressing all relevant aspects of the business, every important detail?”

I ask myself often “Is there a way to make this better?”

Another challenge is to move from the idea, the conceptual to reality, and then to adjust as often as needed to get the right fit.

Here lie also the rewards: seeing your products coming out of the manufacturing lane, the first sales and returning customers, reading the first 5 star reviews on Amazon, etc.

6) Are there any difficulties that women entrepreneurs have to face that men entrepreneurs might not? Are there other aspects that are in favor of women entrepreneurs?

I’ve never been a feminist “per se”, I always believed that one should only be judged on his / her merits and contribution.

We are fortunate to live today in times and places where women have more rights than ever before! “Broth by Design” is a women-founded company and as such, our vision and products are a reflection of the nurturing, attention to detail and caring embodied in a woman’s DNA.


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