Enriching day at sea for the winners of the Ocean Protection project

On May 31st 2018, on what turned out to be a sunny day despite the weather predictions, IUM students who won the Ocean Protection project got to enjoy their reward with their friends, teachers and some representatives of Monaco Impact and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco: a day at sea on the Santo-Sospir, an authentic copy of a 16th c. sail boat.


This Monaco Impact sponsored reward was selected for its educational merits, but it was also a very pleasant excursion. Indeed, in the footsteps of the project the students were confronted with the importance of Ocean Protection by means of this real-life observation of marine life beauty.


Onboard the Santo-Sospir, the wildlife observation was facilitated by the captain, from S.O.S Grand Bleu, a non-governmental organization that fights for the protection of the marine world. Their motto “Action + Education = Protection” reflects their vision. They believe that by allowing people to observe marine wildlife from their ship, without disturbing it and in an old-fashioned way, and by informing people on what they observe, Ocean Protection can be promoted.


Gathered on this beautiful wooden ship, the group left Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and moved away from the coast in search of species to observe. They had not to wait long before they sighted the fins of two ocean sunfishes.

The captain maneuvered to get close and observe this extraordinary specie that is the heaviest of all bony fishes. Somewhat later a shoal of dolphins swam nearby, allowing the group to follow them while observing their grace and beauty. Once the boat left them and turned around to go back to shore, a great surprise got everyone on board on their feet: some of the dolphins had followed the boat and were swimming with its waves.


The joyful atmosphere throughout the day reflected the good synergy between the three stakeholders of this Ocean Protection project whose first edition has now come to an end.

This day motivated even more everyone to continue working on promoting the cause of this great challenge and gave hope for the success of the next editions of the Ocean Protection project.



  1. Santo-Sospir