Invitation to Monegasque resident benefactors

Monegasque residents are respectfully invited to become declared benefactors. We believe that Monaco residents can have a significant and lasting positive impact on disadvantaged communities. Monaco Impact will connect declared benefactors with reputable philanthropic organizations and NGOs seeking funding for specific and targeted projects with which benefactors can identify. A declared benefactor is willing to consider partially or entirely funding social projects if and when these projects meet all the standards and criteria set by the benefactor and Monaco Impact.

Monaco Impact, its backers, its benefactors and the philanthropic organizations it supports are committed to complying with the highest standards of transparency, integrity and honesty in respect of stakeholders, benefactors, authorities and society as a whole.
Monaco Impact does not accept any contributions from benefactors or fund-seeking organizations, nor does Monaco Impact itself fund projects.

If you would like more information about becoming a benefactor, please fill the form below.



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